About Noel

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My family and I reside in the Village of Kewaskum. I have lived in SE Wisconsin my entire life. My husband and I have two children and two golden retrievers. We love the peaceful area we are graced with living in. I enjoy spending time up north and traveling to new places with my family. 


When you think about careers that revolve around helping others, being a nurse, doctor or social worker are usually what come to mind. But assisting people during a major life decision is an important job too, just as I discovered after a 13-year career in healthcare. Although I loved what I accomplished in that field, I ultimately decided to follow my childhood dream and become a real estate agent. 

In 2005 after my husband and I welcomed our first child, the opportunity presented itself to make that dream come true. I jumped at the chance and I have never looked back. Over seventeen years, countless transactions throughout Southeast Wisconsin, and a plethora of satisfied clients later, I still uphold the highest standards for myself when it comes to my work. Honesty, high morals and integrity are very meaningful to me.  I love giving 110% in everything I do.

Having 17+ years experience in real estate and 10 years with my Broker License, I finally decided to follow my dream and open my own brokerage!

If you are an agent looking for change, I am most certainly looking for agents with high energy and a drive to hustle. I want to raise the bar in the way most brokerages cap their agents, and the split.  It is common to hear the splits of 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 etc. and a cap of $20,000 or more but I feel that experience and knowledge bring something special to the table. I understand the hustle that is necessary to achieve great things in this industry and I will reward that.  I look forward to meeting with agents that are looking to grow themselves above and beyond the norm. If you are seeking a compensation package that supports and acknowledges you what you bring to the table, together with the desire to work in a team atmosphere, I encourage you to reach out. 

Specialties: Listing Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Relocation, Consulting, SFR Certified, Realtor®, Commercial RE

*Ranked In The TOP 1% Of All Sales Agents In Washington County Since 2015! * 

"Noel Dedrick is one of the most responsible, personable, patient and professional real estate agents I've dealt with. She was very good at articulating the sales process and answering any and all questions. I would highly recommend Noel Dedrick. She definitely goes the "extra mile" in customer service."

— Ken & Sharon | West Bend