Professional and “on it”!  Noel will stay on top of everything, easing the stress of Moving!

Noel was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in helping us get our offer written, staying on top of things as they progressed, ensuring all items were taken care of throughout the process.

Noel was even more helpful in selling our home and in record time.  Noel knows what needs to be done, what to fix, what to show and most importantly how to price!  We actually found a house, prepared our house, sold our house and moved, in less than 6 weeks Total!  Absolutely amazing!

Noel’s Knowledge of the process came in handy several times for us, while dealing with other realtors and Buyers/Sellers.  

Noel does everything “Top Tier”, Photography, Signage, advertising and so on, are all a cut above!

Dave ~ Hartford / Erin